Human Relations Commissions/Councils

County State
Sussex County, NJ New Jersey
Orange County, NY New York
Monroe County, PA (also Serves Pike) Pennsylvania

State Civil Rights Commissions

PA Task Force on Civil Tension  

Unity and Human Rights Groups

Map of Social Justice Groups from
Pennsylvania Alliance for Democrocy - Unity Group Guidelines
Pennsylvania Network of Unity Coalitions
Northeast PA Diversity Education Consortium
Latino American Alliance of NEPA  
Boyertown Area Unity Coalition  
Georgetown University Unity Coalition  
Community Action Against Hate  
Civil Rights and Non-Violance Guidelines - Pennsylvania Alliance for Democrocy

Local Information

Resources: News:
Pike Pa Help Pike County Dispatch
United Way of Pike County, PA Pike County Courier
Interfaith Action The News Eagle
Green Resources in the Poconos Tri-State Observer
Center for Independent Living River Reporter
Assitive Technology Links Pocono Record On-Line
Pocono Action Lambda Society (PALS) Tri-State News
Safe Haven, Inc of Pike County (formally Survivors Resources) at 570-296-2827 Times Herald Record

Local Policial Links

Delaware Township Democratic Club  
Pike County Democrats  
Pike County Republican Committee  

Other Links
Added or Fixed Links - Listed in Reverse Order

Pennsylvania Native Americans - This site is dedicated to providing lessons and educational resources on Pennsylvania Native Americans for students and teachers.
Changing Winds Advocacy Center - A Native American Civil Rights and Education Agency. There website has everything needed to teach a full months worth of great fun facts, as well as some of the facts on our nation's harsher truths for your older students. This website teaches how to assess appropriate, and inappropriate, material!
The Holocaust -- A Guide for Teachers and includes a section on stereotypes and prejudices with various classroom activities.
Minority Links and Facts for Features from the U.S. Census - Quick and easy links to the latest data on racial and ethnic populations in the United States.
Sussex County Justice Office Hall of Shame - What they don't want you to know about the criminal justice system in Sussex County, New Jersey.
Lenape Voices - Pennsylvania based partnership consisting Native Americans and Non-Native peoples. It is our purpose to spread cultural awareness, initiate cultural unity, and increase understanding about Native American issues and how those issues have influenced and continue to influence society.
Handiplate - Information about handicap parking includes state statutes.
The Hate Directory (April, 2006) - List of hate groups on the internet (report)
Hate Crimes Resource Manual (1999) - A profile of extremist movements in America (repost)
Not in Our Town - A national movement that encourages community response to hate crimes. The project combines PBS broadcast, grassroots events, educational outreach and online activities to help communities battling hate talk to-and learn from-each other.
Map of Hate Groups on
National Crime Prevention Council
The Diversity Institute - Misericordia College (Dallas, PA)
National Civil Rights Museum

Jewish Federation of Northeastern Pennsylvania - Scranton, PA

Holocaust Education Resource Center

Center for Anti-Slavery Studies - Established in 1996 for the promotion and recognition of the early history of Abolition and the underground Railroad movement in Northeast Pennsylvania.
Handicap Parking Statutes - Please do NOT park in handicap spaces unless authorized. Its not nice and against the LAW!
Native American Arts Council
Texas A & M National Diversity Resources
Northern Illinois Diversity Links
Collection of Black History On-Line Resources

Community Action Against Hate

Why the Confederate Flag is a RACIST Symbol - Link and Flyer.

Of White Robes and Midnight Fright: Why I'm Offended by the Confederate Flag - Article

Last Expressions - A permanent online exhibition of artwork produced during World Wor II by prisoners at Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp. Northwestern University with the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of art
Southern Poverty Law Center - A nonprofit organization that combats hate, intolerance and discrimination through education and litigation. Programs include Intelligence Report and Teaching Tolerance. and
The People's Path Site - North American Indian and Indigenous People
Political Graveyard - Pike County Politics
Montague, NJ
PA State Demographic Data from Census 2000
Pike County Population Data (Reposted Here)
Ten Ways to Fight Hate from the Southern Poverty Law Center
Peaceful Tomorrows is an organization, founded by family members of September Eleventh victims, to seek effective nonnviolent responses to terrorism, and identify a commonality with all people similarly affected by violence throughout the world.
Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance on
Youth GLBT Group - Rainbow Mountain in Stroudsburg
Interfaith Working Group On-Line
ACLU's "Arrest the Racism" Campaign
Scounting for All and Scouts Honor
Exercises in Reading Comprehension - Where Monsters Can Grow and Only One Race
The Care Act of 1999
Welcome to Puerto Rico - Learn about the People and Culture
National MultiCultural Institute (NMCI)
Black History Articles on NPR from Minnesota Public Radio
Oh Freedom Over Me
Radio Fights Jim Crow
Women for Women International
Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network's Fight For Your Rights
Anti-Defamation League
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Historic Site and Seattle Times Article
Hate on Display - Database of Hate Images and Symbols
The Diversity Institute - Misericordia College (Dallas, PA)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Artists Against Racism

Tri-State Unity Coalition
P.O. Box 752
Milford, PA 18337